Hard Drive Clocks Links

These links are not of the same type as this Hard Drive Clock, but they still look great!

Walking Drives Hard Drive Clocks
Hard Drive Clocks by John Smithers

Propeller Clock Links

The propeller clock by Bob Blick was the inspiration for the rotating display.

Bob Blick’s Propeller Clock
Nick Dawkins Homepage
Chester’s Propeller Clock
Mechanically Scanned Clock
Spinning PIC Clock
Prop Clock Project

Parts Links

Links to companies that can provide all the electronics needed for your projects. I would suggest checking LS Diodes and Glitchbuster first before purchasing your electronic elsewhere. Both of these are quite small companies and have low shipping rates and great customer service.

Alan’s Electronic Projects Store – LEDs & Kits
LS Diodes – LEDs
Glitchbuster – Good prices on PIC chips as well as other components, low shipping prices! Great service!
Electronic Goldmine – Electronic components, many rotating specials
All Electronics – Great deals on surplus electronics such as LCD displays
Princess Auto – Lots of surplus electronics and motors
Active Electronics – Wide range of components, price is a bit high but selection is good
Digikey – They have everything and have fast shipping
Mouser – Another place that has everything

PIC Microcontroller Links

Microchip – Reference sheets for all of their microcontrollers are available here
Micro Engineering Labs – Make a great programming language for PCI microcontrollers
Rentron – Lots of PIC related articles and parts
PIC Web Ring – Links to other PIC based projects

Electronic Projects

Electronic Labs

Online News and Information – User submitted articles that are rated by other users. Also check out Diggnation, a show about hosted by Kevin Rose and Alex Albrecht (from Tech TV/G4)
Daily Tech News – Daily articles via RSS feeds from some of the best Tech news sites in one location!
Engadget – Information about cool products
Gear Live – Cool Gadgets
Gizmodo – Articles about different gozmos
Makezine – Articles on how to make things
Edge.I-Hacked– Information about cool hacks
Team Droid – Interesting articles
Prime Hacks – Hacking articles
Hard OCP – Mainly overclocking articles
Hack a Day – New hack every day
PCB Manufacturing – The PCBs from Seeed Studio Fusion is short delivery time, competitive price and high quality.


Here are some associations that I belong to. If you guessed that I am from the fire alarm industry you would be right. I did that type of work for about 10 years, I started right out of college where I took electronics.

CTTAM (Certified Technicians and Technologists Association of Manitoba)
CFAA (Canadian Fire Alarm Association)
MOPIA (Manitoba Ozone Protection Industry Association)


U of MComputer Science Degree
RRC Software Development
RRC Information Systems Programmer Analyst
RRC – Digital Electronics (not offered, TTL not as big as it once was)
RRC Industrial Electronics ( something like the link, the course I took is no longer offered)

Places to Visit

I am from Winnipeg Manitoba in Canada, here are a few great links about this great spot on the globe!

Tourism Winnipeg
Travel Manitoba
Travel Canada
Winnipeg Events
Winnipeg Attractions
Things to do in Winnipeg

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