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You will find a number of cool projects here, some have a purpose and others are just strange and off the wall.

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Small Projects / Hacks

_blue_bawls_on_hard_drive_scope_right_side_low_hard_drive_oscilloscope_build_Mouse_LED_light_101_2322_photo_etch_circuit_board_process_101_2214_atari_2600_joystick_tv_remote_466_fire_alarm_bell_alarm_clock_356_VHS_Tape_Storage_Drive_165     _Fireball_V90_CNC_Router_Assembly_794_Fireball_V90_CNC_Router_Motor_Controller_Build _ 2048Halloween_Hanging_Mobile_Project_405nerf-gun-hack-secure-area-and-fire-on-intruders_069     _laser-cut-halftone-picture_304_karate-chop-avnet-dog-days-of-summer-contest-using-a-pic-16f1827_32Thermostat-Remote-Temperature-Sensor-Hack_8399-1024x767Vintage_MP3_Boombox_9430-150x150

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